What others have said about Transmitter Media and some of the work that we do.


Deadline: Hyper-Thetical

“Hosted by Kerry Bishé (Halt and Catch Fire, Narcos), this is a genre-twisting, science fiction anthology podcast series that blends narrative story-telling with interviews featuring some of the brightest minds in science. “


Forbes: Worklife with Adam Grant

“In his second season, Grant continues to go into workplaces "that fascinate me because they have each mastered something I wish everyone else could know." 

hypebae: The Barneys Podcast

“5 Podcasts That'll Help You Keep up With the Latest Trends, Designers & Fashion Drama”

ESPN: Six Who Sat

Q&A with executive producer Gretta Cohn.

“… we're asking people to remember an event that happened in their lives in 1972, and some of the major players are no longer here to tell us about their roles…But it created a profound impact, and we know that because the AAU rules changed. “

Hot Pod: Transmitter Media

“We have, it seems, the beginnings of a launch playbook as far as independent podcast studios are concerned. You begin by hammering down a few branded podcast clients (big companies, preferably), which unlocks strong upfront pay-to-production dollars, after which you then use those dollars to lay down the foundation for creative, personal, or longer-term bets.”

Hot Pod: Transmitter Media

“We’ll produce shows for a variety of partners and help brands and individuals create highly produced podcasts, from start to finish,” she said, noting that the company will specialize in highly edited and sound design–rich work. The company will also be producing original work.