Rolling Stone

RS Recommends: A Gossipy, Insider’s Look Into the Rise of Ivanka Trump
“ ‘Tabloid’ offers a glimpse into the life and times of the first daughter — and we can’t get enough.”


14 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
Variety calls Tabloid “downright addictive.”

The New York Times

A Podcast Playlist that Digs Deeper
A spotlight on Tabloid, in a “monthly selection of the most interesting new shows.”

The Cut

This New Ivanka Podcast Is the Juiciest Show of the Summer
The Cut recommends Tabloid, which was made in partnership with New York Magazine and Luminary, hosted by Vanessa Grigoriadis.

On Point Radio

The Booming Podcast Business: Why Do You Listen?
Gretta joined Hot Pod’s Nicholas Quah to discuss the state of podcasting at this moment in time.

Gracie Awards

Interactive Media Honorable Mentions
30 For 30 Podcasts “Six Who Sat” and The Barneys Podcast



Filmnation Enters Podcast Game with Audio Division Launch
“Hosted by Kerry Bishé (Halt and Catch Fire, Narcos), this is a genre-twisting, science fiction anthology podcast series that blends narrative story-telling with interviews featuring some of the brightest minds in science.”


TED Podcast “Worklife with Adam Grant” Returns with Second Season
“In his second season, Grant continues to go into workplaces ‘that fascinate me because they have each mastered something I wish everyone else could know.’ ”

Media in Canada

The Nice List: Media
“From unexpected sponsorships to ambitious shifts in media spend, here's what impressed us the most this year....This year, numerous companies seemed to realize a more effective route might be not trying to match the volume of live reads bought by the Caspers and Nature Boxes of the world, but to create content more closely aligned with their brand by creating the entire podcast themselves...Interac’s “Earning Curve” was a great example of this, part of the payment company’s push to add more B2B marketing to its previous consumer-focused campaigns.”


5 Podcasts That’ll Help You Keep Up with the Latest Trends, Designers & Fashion Drama
“Host Cindi Leive, former editor-in-chief at Glamour, delves into the lives of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to style, design and aesthetics.”


Q&A with Gretta Cohn, Executive Producer of 30 For 30 Podcast “Six Who Sat”
“… we're asking people to remember an event that happened in their lives in 1972, and some of the major players are no longer here to tell us about their roles…But it created a profound impact, and we know that because the AAU rules changed.”

LA Review of Books

Interview with Gretta Cohn of Transmitter Media
…“I think there’s a way we can create businesses that are inclusive and generous, and make everyone feel positive about being a part of them. That’s what I’m focused on.”


5 Great Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Right Now
“WorkLife is the Porsche of podcasts: interviews with people like Susan Cain, Ray Dalio, Trevor Noah, and Celtics coach Brad Stevens, insightful commentary from Adam. They're like mini-documentaries (if all documentaries were fast-paced, entertaining, and engaging.) Yet while the production values are exceptional, the focus is on aspects of professional life that apply to almost everyone.”

Fast Company

Walmart’s “Outside the Box” Podcast is Engaging, But…
“Getting someone to listen to a podcast, let alone a whole season, requires quality storytelling over hard-selling. Outside the Box is an interesting and engaging podcast, even when it does have company folks involved because they include those we’d actually want to hear from, like chief sustainability officer Kathleen McLaughlin. It’s about as far from a sales pitch as possible.”

Hot Pod

Gretta Cohn Officially Launches Her New Podcast Studio
"Smaller podcast studios like Transmitter...benefit from the specificity of their editorial specialization; they have the luxury of focus, after all, and are therefore more nimble than their clunkier, vertically-integrated peers."

Hot Pod

A Branded Podcast, A Studio, A Playbook
“We have, it seems, the beginnings of a launch playbook as far as independent podcast studios are concerned. You begin by hammering down a few branded podcast clients (big companies, preferably), which unlocks strong upfront pay-to-production dollars, after which you then use those dollars to lay down the foundation for creative, personal, or longer-term bets.”

Hot Pod

“The Radical Act of Women Making Media and Owning It, Too”: The (Podcasting) Future is Female
“We’ll produce shows for a variety of partners and help brands and individuals create highly produced podcasts, from start to finish,” she said, noting that the company will specialize in highly edited and sound design–rich work. The company will also be producing original work.

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